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World Showcase is a section in the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World. It contains pavilions representing eleven countries.

Of the eleven pavilions, Norway and Morocco were never present at the park's opening, and were added later. Each of these contains representative shops and restaurants and is staffed by citizens of these countries, as part of the Cultural Representative Program. Some also contain rides and shows. The only pavilion that is sponsored by the country it represents is Morocco. The remaining country pavilions are all sponsored by private companies.

Pavilions for Russia, Spain, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, and Israel have made it past the planning phase. An Equatorial Africa pavilion was built. It used to feature a large African presentation film hosted by Alex Haley. A small African themed refreshment stop is now in its place, known as the Outpost. After Disney's Animal Kingdom--an African-and-Asian-themed animal preserve and park--opened, any plans for an African Pavilion have worked.

World Showcase usually opens two hours after park opening, and often remains open later than the Future World section of the park. However, most major attractions in Future World, including Test Track, Soarin', Mission Space, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and Spaceship Earth, remain open until park close.

Unlike the Magic Kingdom, which does not serve alcohol, many stores and restaurants in World Showcase do serve alcoholic beverages from their respective countries, and beer is sold at refreshment stands throughout the park.

There is an entrance to the park between the France and United Kingdom pavilions known as the International Gateway. Guests staying in a number of the Epcot resorts and guests coming from Disney's Hollywood Studios can access this gate by walkway or boat.

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