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The Oasis is the main entrance of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Along with providing various guest services, the Oasis features a number of animal habitats. Guests can encounter muntjacs, spoonbills, ducks, wallabies, and giant anteaters, among others. The main paths lead deeper into the park, and onto Discovery Island. A Rainforest Cafe is also located at the entrance of the Oasis, although technically it is outside the park boundaries. Guests may dine at the restaurant without entering Disney's Animal Kingdom, while guests entering the restaurant from within the theme park are actually exiting the park and must present their admission tickets to return to the park. 

Current attractions and entertainment []

The Oasis Exhibits 

Past attractions []

Noah's Ark

There was a variety of ideas for Animal Kingdom's entrance. One of the most impressive was an enormous Noah's Ark that guests walked through into an unspoiled natural paradise. And the ark, was essentially its biblical tie-in, states that the animals are very important, and they were saved by Noah. 

Genesis Gardens The Genesis Gardens was the first land you encounter, unlike The Oasis. The Gardens lack in animal displays, but it was a very lush and tropical land, similar to Eden. (Again, another biblical tie-in.) The land had several experts showing off smaller animals, much like they have now, but for the most part, Genesis Gardens was a great spot to stop and smell some tropical flowers.  

 Restaurants  Rainforest Cafe

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