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The Living Seas


January 15, 1986


WED Enterprises


United Technologies (1986-2001)

Replaced by

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

The Living Seas opened to the public in 1986. It housed the largest saltwater tank in the world at its completion, holding 5.7 million US gallons (22,000 m3) of water, but was surpassed in 2005 with the opening of the Georgia Aquarium. The concept of the building was to take visitors under the ocean to "Sea Base Alpha." Guests viewed a short movie about the formation of the oceans entitled The Sea, which was followed by an elevator ride to the ocean floor aboard a "Hydrolator" (in reality, guests only moved down approximately two inches). Guests then boarded a "Seacab" and traveled along an underwater tunnel through the aquarium at the Caribbean Coral Reef Ride. From there, guests rode around Sea Base Alpha and got an up-close view of the marine life. They then disembarked into the main exhibit area where they could interact with various multimedia displays.

The Living Seas was sponsored by United Technologies from its opening until 2001. After the departure of United Technologies as sponsor of The Living Seas, significant changes were made to the pavilion. All sponsorship references were removed from the pavilion. Additionally, one of the two preshow theaters was removed and was replaced with a walkway, allowing for guests to bypass the preshow if they wished to go directly to the Hydrolators.

In October 2001, the Seacabs closed down. The queue of the Seacab ride was left intact and the Seacabs were still visible to guests through the ocean tank windows. Reasons for their closure are not entirely known. After they closed, guests leaving the Hydrolators walked along a corridor to Sea Base Alpha. Now, guests had the option of viewing the preshow or going directly to the Hydrolators and simply walking to Sea Base Alpha.

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