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The Hunchback of Notre Dame Topsy Turvy Cavalcade was a mini-parade based on the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame that ran at Disneyland. It also a parade that ran at Disneyland Park (Paris), as part of its 5th Anniversary Celebration.



This was a promotional tie-in to the film, reenacting the Festival of Fools segment from the movie and there were only two floats.

Disneyland Paris[]

The parade is based on the Festival of Fools scene. The song that during the parade is "Topsy Turvy". Clopin opens the parade, followed by villagers dressed in colorful costumes, happily dancing. In between there are also cottages depicting the city. Claude Frollo rides a horse like in the film; also around him are cheerful villagers dressed up and dancing. On this track again are some houses, and Notre Dame de Paris appears, followed by Quasimodo celebrating along the parade from its bell tower and Esmeralda dancing with other gypsies and fortune tellers. Last came Victor, Hugo, and Laverne with real goats which children could pet during the parade stop.

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