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Tarzan Rocks! was a musical show that took place in the Theater in the Wild at Disney's Animal Kingdom from July 9, 1999, through January 21, 2006.

Show summary []

The show was a live rock musical revue referred to as the "Two Worlds Tour" loosely following the film's story through its Phil Collins songs. Relying solely on the film's music of course means that much of the story has been lost and it primarily follows Tarzan growing up and his relationship with Jane.

Taking a high-energy approach, the show featured acrobatics and skating stunts in addition to featuring the characters Tarzan, Jane and Terk.

  • Two Worlds - Opens the show, featuring acrobatic choreography
  • You'll Be in My Heart
  • Son of Man - Featuring stunts from rollerskating monkeys
  • Strangers Like Me - Emphasizing Tarzan's relationship with Jane, culminating in romantic acrobatic vine swinging
  • Trashin' the Camp - Features Terk accompanied by a tapdance back-up group
  • Finale - featuring a reprise of You'll Be in My Heart and Two Worlds with more acrobatics and monkey rollerskate stunts.