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Swan Boats


May 20, 1974


August 1983

Ride duration

17 minutes





Ride system

Natural gas and water jets

Swan Boats were an attraction at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. It was in operation seasonally between May 20, 1974 until August 1983. It originally took a D ticket and was replaced by Fantasia Gardens.

The Swan Boats opened in 1974 and quickly became a popular attraction at Walt Disney World. The boats took guests on a ride around the hub of the Magic Kingdom and the Swiss Family Treehouse.


Originally there were twelve boats when the ride opened, but this was reduced to eleven when one of the boats was converted to clean the canals. By the end of the life of the ride, there were only five boats operating. The reason for closing was because of the cost to keep the boats running. They constantly had issues with their natural gas engines and guidance system. Originally the guidance was done with an electronic system, but was changed to use water propulsion to turn the boat. Eventually the boats were removed and sold.