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Let's Go, Villans! and Re-Villains![]

File:Let's Go, Villans! Tokyo.jpg

Let's Go, Villans! (Japanese: レッツ・ゴー・ヴィランズ!) in 2008

The park hit the parade under the title Let's Go, Villans! in 2008 and renamed as Re-Villains! in 2009, with its upbeat soundtrack and colorful costumes. During the show stop, Maleficent (2008)/Ursula (2009) led the villains to "crash" the party and take over the parade in a fun little battle for those who would rule Halloween.

The parade floats and the dancers' outfits are themed to eight villains (only six in 2008), listed below:

Banzai! Villans![]

File:Banzai! Villans! Tokyo.jpg

Banzai! Villans! (Japanese: バンザイ!ヴィランズ!)

The nighttime version of the parade has the villains in the spotlight. During the show stop, Mickey and his friends "come" to the party and "save" the parade in a fun little battle (similar to the daytime) for those who would rule Halloween. After the villains are defeated, Mickey tells Maleficent (2008)/Ursula (2009) about the true meaning of Halloween spirit.

The parade features eight villains (only six in 2008, same as the daytime version), listed below:

  • The Witch (Minnie Mouse )
  • Queen of Hearts (Marie and Clarice)
  • Maleficent (Donald Duck in 2009, Mickey Mouse in 2008)
  • Captain Hook (Lilo and Stitch in 2008-09)
  • Ursula (Mickey Mouse in 2009)
  • Jafar (Goofy in 2009, Donald Duck in 2008)
  • Cruella De Vil (Daisy Duck in 2008-09)
  • Frollo and Hades (Chip and Dale in 2009, Woody and Jessie in 2008)

Re Villians 3[]


File:Queen of Hearts Let's Go, Villans!.jpg

Queen of Hearts in the 2008 parade

  • Queen of Hearts appeared in 2008, but she had no float and no corresponding character; she just walked in the daytime parade.
  • The Queen of Hearts float has been used in "Queen of Hearts's Easter Bonnet Party" in the 2010 Easter event.
  • This parade marked the debut of Ursula's new costume.
  • Jafar and Hades were the only two supporters to aid Maleficent (2008)/Ursula (2009) during the show stop.
  • The daytime version of the theme song Halloween has been re-used in Magic Kingdom's Former Halloween show "Villains Mix and Mingle" in 2011-2014.
    • It was also used in Disneyland Park (Paris)'s Halloween show "It's Good To Be Bad With The Disney Villains" in 2015 hosted by Dr. Facilier, and "The Disney Villains' Halloween Celebration" theme in 2016. The theme song "Let's Go, Villans!" was used when The Evil Queen hosted from 2015 to 2016.

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