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Nightfall Glow is a nighttime parade at Tokyo Disneyland that usually runs when it rains which causes Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights to be unable to be shown. In this parade, there are four floats and all of the characters speak in English.

The parade debuted on May 9, 2011, and served as a temporary replacement parade for DreamLights as the latter was undergoing renovations in mid-2011. It also replaced Rainy Night Fun, also a nighttime parade designed for rainy nights. Starting from July 8, 2011, the parade was set to only run on rainy nights following the return of DreamLights the same evening.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-2020, Nightfall Glow was announced to be specially running daily for a limited period of time, beginning September 1, 2020.

From April 19, 2021, Daisy and Chip and Dale are sometimes omitted, similarly to how they were omitted from the 2021 version of Dreaming Up!

The Three Good Fairies[]

The parade starts with a large, glowing, column-like float. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather each stand on levitating platforms around the column, commenting on the beauty of the lights and raindrops. They then start illuminating the column with light before Flora changes it to pink. Merryweather protests, changing the float to blue. Fauna, joining in, turns the float green. The fairies then begin rapidly changing the color of the float back and forth from red, to blue, to green until Flora finally decides that they should try it all together. The fairies cast their magic, and the column glows in a lovely rainbow of light and color.

Mickey and Friends[]

Following the fairies, a large float appears, decorated with glowing platforms, canopies, and bubbles. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are on board the float, welcoming the guests to the parade and amazed by the beauty of the glowing lights.

The Princesses[]

The Princesses follow Mickey's float, riding on a large, multileveled float that is covered by a single canopy. Riding on the float are Princess Aurora, Jasmine, and Belle, each wearing sparkling gowns.


Decorated with three large, color changing umbrellas. Chip and Dale stand at the front of float, each wearing matching green jackets and hats. They are each covered by an umbrella. Clarice, wearing a sparkling green dress, stands at the very top of float, a large umbrella protecting her from the rain. At the back of the float, Pluto and Goofy stand under a canopy and wave goodbye to the guests.

Peter Pan[]

Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, unit design same as Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights.

Toy Story[]

Toy Story 4, unit design same as Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights.


Genie float, Aliddin riding on it.

Monsters, Inc[]

Mike, Sulley and Boo


Alice In Wonderland[]

The Sword in the Stone[]

Wreck-it Ralph[]