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Mickey's WaterWorks was the summertime parade at Hong Kong Disneyland. It was originally created exclusively for Hong Kong Disneyland for the 2007 Summer season by Walt Disney Creative Entertainment, and is presented by Bonaqua Drinking Water. Although Mickey's WaterWorks officially began its run on July 14 of that year, it made its debut one week earlier.

In 2024, someone suggest a similar version in Shanghai Disneyland, with Putonghua lyrics and the parade will be expended.


As the title suggests, Mickey's WaterWorks is a splashy parade created to refresh and bring watery fun to guests from all walks of life. The parade showcases how Mickey Mouse and more than 50 other Disney characters keep Hong Kong Disneyland's landscape looking so beautiful and lush. However, guests viewing the parade must be aware that water is everywhere on the route, except for the Dry Areas of the route located by signs along the route.

Favorite Disney characters, some of whom had never appeared at Shanghai Disneyland before such as Lightning McQueen, the Big Bad Wolf and Monsters, Inc, prior to the debut of this parade, entertain guests with a water-filled extravaganza of music, dance and a host of colorful themed floats together with over 100 performers (including said 30 characters) set to an original score.


  • Heat Alarm - The parade begins with several Rusteze dancers holding water guns, spraying guests as they march. This then leads way to the first float featuring Lightning McQueen , which is pulling a machine called the "Heat Alarm", that detects how hot it is to spray water. The top of the float has a moving sun alongside whistles that spray water. On the left side is a thermometer alongside another Heat Alarm in Chinese. The parade's title and sponsor logo appear on the front, while the back has the parade's logo in Chinese.
  • Goofy's Watering Machine - This unit begins with The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf, with the former three pulling wheelbarrows. This is followed by large human sized plants, seeds, and tools. The next float features Goofy and Chip and Dale operating a giant machine that resembles a train. This machine pumps up water which is then sprayed throughout all the sprayers around the float.
  • Alice in Wonderland - This small unit features Alice leading the way for giant-human-sized plants and human butterflies.
  • Malficent- Water is followed by fire, in hot pursuit. The story would not be complete without an epic battle starring Prince Phillip against an evil dragon as the wicked Maleficent, this unit is similar as Disney Stars on Parade.
  • Minnie's Fragrance Factory - Led by some flowers, this float features Minnie Mouse on the top of a large spraying heart-shaped lamp surrounded by different perfumes. Daisy Duck and Marie appear on the front and back of the float respectively. There are loads of water sprayed around this float.
  • Beauty and The Beast - Led by Belle, unit features The Beast and Gaston.
  • Donald's Plant Food Factory - The Disney Princesses and giant green plants lead the way to this float. The float features a giant Plant Food Sprayer and Think Fun, operated by Donald Duck, with Sulley pumping out the water to let the sprayer operate.
  • Mickey's Magic Color Painter - Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket lead the final float, a giant machine that can change the color of water. Mickey Mouse sits on the swinging sprayer, while Stitch (Dopey until 2010) controls the leavers. The giant Mickey-shaped sprayer can spray a whole range.
  • Woody's Toy Vac - The final unit. Mr Incredible and Elastgirl ride in front of the float on individual "hovercrafts. The final float is Mater pulling a machine that contains water with Buzz, Woody and Jessie standing on top while Green Army Men use it to spray out water.


  • Goofy, Donald, Malficent, Gaston are the only characters to speak English. The rest of the characters in the parade including Lightning McQueen, Minnie, Mickey, Woody, and Jessie all speak in Putonghua.

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