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Jubilation! was a day-parade from Tokyo Disneyland that ran from 2008 to 2013.


The parade began in honor of the 25th Anniversary Tokyo Disney Resort and Tokyo Disneyland. It consists of nine colorful floats that feature several Disney characters in fantastical worlds. Minnie Mouse leads the parade and Mickey Mouse and friends close it.

During the 25th Anniversary year, from April 15, 2008 to April 14, 2009, the parade would stop for show mode four times during its course, once in part A and once in part B at every section of the parade route. The average number of show mode stops for a Tokyo Disneyland parade is three. In the show mode, a specially arranged version of the song "What Time Is It?" from High School Musical 2 mixed in with the 25th Anniversary theme song "Dream Goes On" would play and guests would be asked to clap their hands and dance along in celebration. Since April 15, 2009, the parade has carried out without stopping for a show mode and removed the "25" from the final float.


The Parade is slated to be dismantled and reassembled at the forthcoming Disneyland Park (Paris): Disney Stars on Parade as the Discover Friendship parade on the spot formerly occupied by Finale Unit: Mickey Mouse and his friends, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Chip 'n' Dale, Clarice, and Tinker Bell. And was Re-theme as Toy Story Unit in Disneyland Park (Paris) to make for Disney Stars on Parade.

Parade Units[]

  • Princess Garden Unit: This pageantry of princesses celebrates Disney royalty. Cinderella and Belle accompanied by their respective princes, ride in a garden of topiaries with woodland creatures, birds, and more. Cinderella’s dress playfully twirls like a turntable, while Swan Court couples lead the 50-foot-long majestic float, capped off with a special appearance by Princess Aurora. Moving to Magic Kingdom in Flordia to make way for Festival of Fantasy Parade. And Replace by Anna & Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

After being replaced[]

After the parade was replaced with Happiness is Here Parade, the Princess Garden and Bubbles units were relocated to the Magic Kingdom and are used for the daytime parade Festival of Fantasy Parade. The Jungle Safari and Pirate Moon units were relocated to Disneyland Park (Paris) and used for their 25th anniversary daytime parade named Disney Stars on Parade.[1] A few of the performers' costumes from the Jungle Safari and Lilo & Stitch units were rumored to receive a twin to Disneyland's daytime parade Mickey's Soundsational Parade's The Little Mermaid unit. The individual "hovercrafts" from the Pixar Pals unit were relocated to Disneyland Paris and used for some of their special events. The Little Green Men spaceship from the Pixar Pals unit were relocated to Disneyland and used for the nighttime parade Paint The Night Parade.


Canceled Units[]

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