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Jiminy Cricket is the deuteragonist of the 1940 Disney animated feature film, Pinocchio. He is a wisecracking, anthropomorphic cricket that is depicted donning a top hat and tailcoat, with an umbrella always on his person. Jiminy was appointed Pinocchio's official conscience by the Blue Fairy, in hopes that Jiminy can guide Pinocchio on his journey to become a real boy.

Notable for being the original performer of "When You Wish Upon a Star" (which would become the trademark anthem for The Walt Disney Company), Jiminy has appeared alongside Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell as a company mascot throughout the years.



Jiminy is based on the Talking Cricket from the original Pinocchio book that Walt Disney's film is based on. In the book, the cricket tries to lecture Pinocchio about his bad behavior, only to be killed with a hammer for his efforts by Pinocchio, and then come back as an equally preachy ghost. However in the film, the cricket is named Jiminy and instead of being a cameo character, he was made into a major character and joins Pinocchio on his journey to becoming a real boy. According to Walt Disney and the filmmakers, Jiminy's role in the film was meant to develop the heart of the story in the friendship between him and Pinocchio. Jiminy was animated by one of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men, Ward Kimball. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Ward animated a scene where the dwarves were eating soup. Despite spending eight months animating the scene, it was eventually dropped as it was viewed as unnecessary, and Ward was devastated. Walt realized this and decided to give Ward the job of designing and animating Jiminy Cricket out of sympathy. Like every animated Disney character, Jiminy went through an evolution of designs. Some of the earliest ones resembled more of a realistic cricket. According to Ward, this was a disgusting sight, so he made the character more and more of a cartoonish and sweet-looking creature to the point that the audience only knows he's a cricket because the film says so.

Jiminy's name is derived from "Jiminy cricket(s)!", a Template:WikipediaLink for Jesus Christ. The name of the character is a play on the exclamation (which itself was uttered in Pinocchio's immediate predecessor, 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). Another example occurs in the 1939 film Template:WikipediaLink when the group first enters the Wizard's chamber. Dorothy submissively starts to introduce herself, but is interrupted by the Wizard roaring "Silence, whippersnapper!" and producing smoke and huge flames. She is very frightened and quickly retreats, saying "Jiminy crickets!" (Garland also says the expression in her 1938 film Template:WikipediaLink). It had also been used as an exclamation by the Swedish father several times in the 1930 film Template:WikipediaLink. Another time it is used is in the short 1938 cartoon starring Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor. That expression is also Template:WikipediaLink's catchphrase on Template:WikipediaLink. It was also used in later media including House of Mouse, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Up.


As an official conscience, Jiminy is famously known as a level-headed and wise figure, capable of leading Pinocchio down a righteous path. At the start, and throughout most of the 1940 animated film, however, this is not exactly the case. Instead, Jiminy is introduced as a wisecracking, feisty, yet generally humble, realist who believed very little in magic and "wishing upon stars". When introduced, he admits that his past-self initially had little faith in the idea of dreams coming true; upon hearing Geppetto's dream to someday have Pinocchio become a real boy, Jiminy comments, "A very lovely thought, but not at all practical." It is also hinted that Jiminy once saw the world as a troubled place, at one point exclaiming that "a conscience is that still, small voice that people won't listen to. That's the trouble with the world, today..."

In contrast to this, he is also fairly quirky and fun-loving, as he engages in conversation with inanimate objects when wanting to chat (such as Geppetto's porcelain figures), and even goes as far as to comedically flirt with the figurines designed with a feminine mold. He also has class, despite his hermit background, and tries to carry himself with a sense of style and flair.

As mentioned, Jiminy was not always as sage and devoted as he is portrayed today. He was appointed Pinocchio's conscience due to being too flustered by the Blue Fairy's beauty to refuse the offer, thus lacking any real skill in serving as a guide or caretaker. He made a legitimate effort to act as cicerone to Pinocchio, but was somewhat high-strung due to pressure, and became easily frustrated with Pinocchio's innocently uncooperative nature; so much so, that he outright abandoned the puppet out of fury on two occasions. He was also doubtful in his own worth; after Pinocchio becomes a successful actor, despite Jiminy's disapproval, Jiminy felt inadequate and left Pinocchio with the belief that an actor would want nothing to do with a conscience.

However, Jiminy's loving heart gave him the strength to eventually grow and develop, not withstanding his shortcomings (very much in tandem with Pinocchio, himself). Towards the end of the film, after facing and escaping peril prior, Jiminy came to view Pinocchio as his best friend and genuinely wanted him to achieve his goal of becoming a real boy. After previously leaving Pinocchio on his own sanction, Jiminy was offered the chance to avoid any further danger during the climax. His strengthened loyalty and care towards Pinocchio, however, motivated him to finally remain by the puppet's side through the harshest endeavors, and against their greatest adversary yet.

Much like Pinocchio, Jiminy is amply rewarded for his growth and self-discovery throughout the former's journey, by becoming an official conscience (recognized by a solid gold badge, as requested). His portrayal in subsequent animated appearances shows that Jiminy has since continued to grow with age and experience, typically presenting himself with a mild-mannered, soft-spoken aura.


According to the 1956 TV special On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends, Wilbur the Grasshopper, who made his first appearance in the 1939 Goofy short Goofy and Wilbur, is Jiminy Cricket's nephew. In The Giant Walt Disney Word Book (1972), Jiminy Cricket's family tree was published as a two-page illustration. The poster showed Jiminy's parents and siblings and all the Cricket family generations up to Jiminy's great-great-grandfather.

Physical appearance[]

Jiminy is an anthropomorphic cricket with black eyes. In his initial appearance before the Blue Fairy casts a spell from her wand into his primary outfit, he wore a green coat with patches in each sleeve, underneath is a light olive sweater shirt with a white long sleeve button shirt with a long red scarf which shows the extended collar of his button shirt, light green capris with patches at the back and tattered brown shoes with yellow spats. He wears a gray long tattered hat on his head and carries a small purple umbrella while wearing his tattered white gloves.

On his main appearance from the beginning until the end of the film, Jiminy wears a much more formal attire after being cast upon by the Blue Fairy as Pinocchio's conscience; a black formal coat with an orange vest with a single button on the front, a white short sleeve button shirt underneath and a yellow tie on the collar, pale tan pants and blue shoes with yellow spats. His formal hat is now light blue with orange linings and carries a red umbrella while wearing his white gloves.

In the Walt Disney Anthology series, Jiminy retains his main appearance only his vest became teal with a single blue button, his tie is red, his pants are white and his shoes are yellow with blue soles. The linings of his formal hat is red.

In the merchandise, Jiminy was depicted in his main appearance, but only his pants is changed to khaki and the linings of his formal hat are gold.




File:Finally now to get some sleep.jpg

Jiminy Cricket ready to rest

The film Pinocchio marked Jiminy's debut. He is first seen singing When You Wish Upon A Star next to a book about Pinocchio. After a brief introduction to the viewers, he begins recounting the story of Pinocchio.

In the actual story, Jiminy is first seen in raggedy clothing, traveling through a village late one night. He eventually comes to Geppetto's Workshop, which was the only sign of life as all the other houses and businesses were dark, indicating their residents were all asleep. He sneaks inside and warms himself by the fire while admiring Geppetto's work. Jiminy then observes as Geppetto finishes the puppet he has been working on. Jiminy overhears Geppetto's wish for the puppet to be a real boy, but brushes it off as impractical, though lovely. He later finds himself unable to sleep due to all the ticking from Geppetto's various cuckoo clocks keeping him up until he tells to be quiet, and they comply. Jiminy later watches in amazement as the Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to life. After a conversation with the fairy, Jiminy is appointed to be Pinocchio's conscience (and Jiminy's ragged clothes are changed into fine attire), as Pinocchio must prove himself worthy of being made a real boy. Jiminy then teaches Pinocchio to whistle so that Pinocchio can call him.

The next day, Jiminy oversleeps and rushes to find Pinocchio, who has been sent off to school by Geppetto. However, Pinocchio is instead encouraged to become an actor by Honest John. Despite Jiminy's counseling to go to school, Pinocchio becomes part of the show of Stromboli. Jiminy becomes angry, but starts to second guess himself when Pinocchio becomes popular and decides to leave believing Pinocchio doesn't need him anymore. When Jiminy decides to wish Pinocchio good luck, he discovers that Stromboli has locked Pinocchio in a birdcage. Jiminy attempts to crack the lock so they can escape, but fails (evidently because, according to him, the lock is "one of the older models"). The Blue Fairy later comes along and frees them, after teaching Pinocchio a lesson on lying when he lied to her, causing his nose to grow until it became like a tree branch, complete with a bird's nest and eggs.

Before the pair can reach home, Pinocchio is dragged by Honest John and Gideon to travel to Pleasure Island, said to be a land for boys by Honest John again. Jiminy manages to sneak on the stage wagon, but ends up separated from Pinocchio. Jiminy eventually finds Pinocchio in a pool hall, where he is smoking and drinking with Lampwick. Jiminy attempts to get Pinocchio to leave, but is insulted by Lampwick. Offended and fed up with Pinocchio refusing to listen to him, Jiminy leaves in a huff and attempts to go home. He discovers that boys who come to Pleasure Island are transformed into donkeys, and runs off to warn Pinocchio.

The two are able to leave by running over a path of rocks (which is the only way on the island that is not blocked off) and jumping into the sea, but not before the curse of Pleasure Island causes Pinocchio to grow a donkey tail and ears. Finally, at home, they learn via a message that Geppetto has gone searching for Pinocchio and was trapped by Monstro. Despite Jiminy essentially being live bait, he follows Pinocchio into the sea to search for Geppetto. However, he is separated from Pinocchio after Pinocchio is swallowed by Monstro. Jiminy is forced to find shelter in a bottle to avoid being eaten by the seagulls.

After Pinocchio and Geppetto escape, Jiminy is the one who discovers that Pinocchio has died as a result while saving Geppetto from Monstro, who tried to catch them resulting in his death when he smashed into the cliff wall. At Geppetto's workshop, he mourns Pinocchio's death alongside Geppetto, Cleo, and Figaro. However, the Blue Fairy, touched by Pinocchio's sacrifice, revives the puppet as a real boy, also curing him of the Coachman's curse. Just like the others, he is overjoyed when Pinocchio is revived as a real boy. He manages to step away from the party and thanks to the Blue Fairy for helping them. As recognition of his own contributions, the Blue Fairy rewards him with a solid gold badge declaring him an official conscience.

Fun and Fancy Free[]

Jiminy essentially serves as the film's host and set-up for the two segments. He is shown exploring a house and comes across a record player and records Bongo. After that, Jiminy sees a party invitation from Luana Patten, who lives in the house "across the way". Joining the party are ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummies, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. He goes to the house and listens to Bergen telling the story of Mickey and the Beanstalk. In the end, Jiminy leaves the house and watches Willie the Giant heading straight to Hollywood, looking for Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney anthology series[]

File:Jiminy WDAS.jpg

Jiminy in the Walt Disney anthology series.

Jiminy hosts many Disney television specials. Most of which included those heavily centered on the animated characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Some specials include "On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends", "This is Your Life, Donald Duck", and "From All of Us to All of You".

I'm No Fool and This is You[]

In the 1950s and 1960s, Jiminy Cricket appeared in three different series of educational films aimed at grade school-aged audiences. In the "I'm No Fool" series, he advised children how to steer clear of dangerous traffic, sharp objects, strangers, exposed electrical lines, and so forth. In each short, he sang the refrain:

I'm no fool, no sirree!
I'm gonna live to be 33 (then 43, 53, etc., up to 103)
I play safe for you and me
'Cause I'm no fool!

Jiminy is shown making use of a chalkboard to illustrate his lessons. Figuring prominently was "You", an idealized boy meant to represent the audience and show the safe methods, and the Common Ordinary Fool, who always demonstrated foolish and reckless methods.

The second series was called "This is You" (AKA "You Are a Human Animal"), which teaches about the human body. In each short, Jiminy sang the refrain:

You are a human animal,
You are a very special breed,
For you are the only animal
Who can think, who can reason, who can read...

The third series was called "The Nature of Things", which teaches about the animals of nature, similar to the "I'm No Fool" series. This series contains live-action footage from the True-Life Adventures series.

Mickey Mouse Club[]

Jiminy played a role in the series; appearing in the animated opening during the "Mickey Mouse March" musical number, alongside Dumbo and Timothy Mouse. Additionally, in a recurring segment, he taught a generation how to spell e-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-e-d-i-a.

Mickey's Christmas Carol[]


Jiminy as The Ghost of Christmas Past in Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Jiminy appeared in Mickey's Christmas Carol as the Ghost of Christmas Past. (The badge given to him by the Blue Fairy at the end of Pinocchio marking him as an official conscience now declares him to be the Ghost of Christmas Past.) Scrooge is perplexed at his size, but Jiminy shoots back at him that if he were measured by his amount of kindness, "you'd be no bigger than a speck of dust!" Nevertheless, he shows Scrooge past Christmases of him (Scrooge): being at Fezziwig's Christmas party, where he met Isabelle and the horrid memory where Scrooge put his money before his love, whom he never saw again. As Scrooge begs the minuscule ghost to take him away from these bad memories, Jiminy reminds Scrooge that "you fashioned these memories yourself." (It should be noted that Past was going to be portrayed by Merlin instead of him, as it was in the original audio recording that came out a few years prior to the special's release).

Mickey's Magical World[]

Jiminy demonstrated how Mickey got his magic started.

Disney's Sing-Along Songs[]

Jiminy was occasionally a host of the Disney Sing Along Songs series of videos, beginning with 1987's The Bare Nessities. He also hosts Be Our Guest, Friend Like Me, and Circle of Life.

House of Mouse[]


Jiminy in the episode "Jiminy Cricket".

Jiminy was among the numerous Disney characters to appear in the television series House of Mouse and its direct-to-video compilation films. A running gag in the series involves Timon trying to eat him, but getting rescued by Pumbaa, as one of the rules of the club is "No guests eating other guests."

In the episode "Timon and Pumbaa" when he hears Pumbaa's joke, he says "That joke is all in bad taste". He later appears on the stage to help Timon with his magic trick, but Timon eats him alive, but Pumbaa makes him release Jiminy which causes the audience to boo them.

Jiminy's most notable appearance is in the episode "Jiminy Cricket", where he quits being Pinocchio's conscience. At the beginning of the episode, Jiminy suggests that Pinocchio should not sit with Pain and Panic, considering them a "bad influence". When Pain overhears this, he says a not-so-nice remark about Jiminy and involuntarily flicks him away. Later on, backstage, when Jiminy explains that he wants to quit being Pinocchio's conscience, Mickey feels bad for him and wishes that he could help — this results in the Blue Fairy unexpectedly showing up to grant Mickey his wish by making him Jiminy's new client. Mickey becomes annoyed by all this and he and Minnie concoct a plan to get Jiminy to leave him and return to Pinocchio (as Jimmy was changing Mickey too much; even forces him to dress and act like Pinocchio). The plan worked and Jiminy got on stage to teach valuable life lessons to various other characters such as Simba, Aurora, Mowgli, and Aladdin (nearly all of them referencing plot points of their films). In the end, Jiminy and Pinocchio were finally reunited.

In "Dining Goofy, he showed to be unamused with the fact that he was seated with Eeyore and fails to try cheering him up.

He also plays a prominent role in Mickey's Magical Christmas as he helps Mickey find the true meaning of Christmas through the help of wishing upon a star to lift Donald's spirits.

Other appearances[]

Jiminy made a brief cameo in Touchstone's 1988 hit feature Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He can be seen when Eddie Valiant first drives through Toontown.

Live-action appearances[]

Once Upon a Time[]

File:Once Upon a Time - 1x05 - That Still Small Voice - Jiminy Cricket.jpg

Jiminy in Once Upon a Time.

Jiminy (Raphael Sbarge, Adam Young as a child) is the son of unscrupulous con artists in the ABC television series. Disapproving his parents' treachery, he desires to live an honest life, but was too weak-willed to leave his family. Eventually, he receives a potion from Rumplestiltskin that will free Jiminy from his parents. However, he inadvertently gives the potion to a young couple, transforming the pair into puppets. He wishes on a star in the hopes that the couple will be transformed back, but the Blue Fairy appears and tells him she cannot undo Rumplestiltskin's work. Instead, he wishes to make things right, and she transforms him into a cricket so that he can be free from his parents and guide the couple's son Geppetto for as long as the boy lives. He later helps the dwarves confront Snow White about her mean-spirited behavior after she drinks a potion and forgets about her true love Prince James. However, the confrontation drives her to want to kill the Evil Queen. He later tells James that the only way for her to remember James as if she remembers her true self. Much later, he is seen advising the residents of the Enchanted Forest against waging war with the Queen and urges them to find a more peaceful solution.

File:Once Upon a Time - 2x10 - The Cricket Game - Photography - Archie Hopper.png

Archie Hopper; Jiminy's Storybrooke counterpart.

In Storybrooke, he is Dr. Archie Hopper, the town's psychotherapist. He owns a Dalmatian named Pongo and is frequently seen carrying an umbrella-like he does as a cricket in the Enchanted Forest. He is also good friends with Marco, who is actually Geppetto. Archie is asked by Regina (who is actually the Queen) to convince Henry that his ideas about the curse and the true identities of the Storybrooke residents are "crazy." He makes little progress, and Regina becomes impatient and asks him to take a more radical approach. Although it violates his conscience, he initially complies with her demands. Archie later confides to Henry that he wants to be free to do as he wants, and Henry tells him that Jiminy Cricket was a man who took a long time deciding what the right thing to do was. Archie then stands up to Regina and threatens to declare her an unfit mother if she continues to interfere with his sessions with Henry. Archie later puts David under hypnosis to help David remember his actions during his blackouts, causing David to remember some of his memories from the Enchanted Forest.

After the curse was broken, Archie reunites with the other characters and tries to help find out what to do. With Regina regaining her magic and the new curse of leaving Storybrooke, Archie becomes part of the group who attempts to leave Storybrooke and sacrifice his fairy tale memories to get away from Regina, but David's speech encourages him and the others to stay. Regina later visits him, where he encourages Regina to allow her to help him. Regina tells him she has not used magic in two days and it has become a struggle. Archie then asks Regina if there is anything she is holding onto, and she confesses that she preserved her love Daniel's corpse upon his death in the hopes that he could be brought back to life. Archie then states Regina will not be able to move on until she lets go of the past. Regina storms off, but she later returns and confesses to Archie that she used magic that same day. Archie helps her into his office. Much later, Archie is kidnapped by Cora, Regina's mother, and holds him captive in Captain Hook's ship, while leaving the body of another in his place disguised to look like him so everyone else will think he is dead. Cora plans to use him to gain information from others in the town. He is later found by Belle on Captain Hook's ship, from which he is rescued.

He is transported back to the Enchanted Forest when Regina undid her curse and later transported back to Storybrooke when the curse was cast again. Shortly after their return to Storybrooke and the subsequent defeat of the Wicked Witch of the West, Archie officiated the wedding of Rumplestiltskin and Belle, with Maurice's being the only other present. After the Snow Queen nearly killed Maid Marian (secretly the Wicked Witch in disguise) and framed Elsa, Archie advised the others not to jump to conclusions, then later counseled Snow White about her son Neal.

Emma Swan later visited Dr. Hopper about her visions of her dying against an unknown enemy. Following the Oracle's death, Dr. Hopper was abducted by the Evil Queen after he refused to help her take advantage of Emma's secret; during his capture, the Queen impersonated him and forced Emma to tell her visions to her family. Later, the Queen and Zelena reverted Dr. Hopper to the form of a cricket and locked him in a cage. While Regina distracted her Evil Queen counterpart and Zelena, Snow White and David rescued Archie.

Later, Hook sought counseling from Archie after he decided to propose to Emma, fearing that David still did not approve of him. After Hook learned of his complicity in David's father Robert's death, Archie advised him to tell Emma the truth and seek her forgiveness. Much later, Archie officiated Hook and Emma's wedding. Many years later, during the seventh season, it is mentioned that Archie officiated many other weddings beyond Gold and Belle and Emma and Hook, though no specific couples were mentioned.

Video games[]

Disney's Villains' Revenge[]

Jiminy stars in the 1999 PC game Disney's Villains' Revenge. The Disney Villains change their respective stories giving them the upper hand. Jiminy travels through the stories to save the troubled heroes.

Kingdom Hearts series[]

Jiminy plays a generally minor role in the popular video game series. After his world was destroyed by the Heartless, Jiminy sought refuge in Disney Castle, under the care of King Mickey and Queen Minnie. He later joins Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy to guide them throughout the journey and chronicle their adventures in his journal.

Throughout the series, Jiminy plays a few key roles. In the original Kingdom Hearts, he played a large role throughout the storyline following the adventures of the characters of the lore of the film Pinocchio. He played a larger role, appearing more frequently, in the sequel, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Notably, in Kingdom Hearts II, Jiminy's journal was greatly expanded. As far as the game's storyline goes, he made one brief appearance during Sora's awakening in Twilight Town. However, in the HD re-release of the game, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, Jiminy made a reappearance during Sora's visit to Yen Sid's Tower; home of Master Yen Sid.

In Kingdom Hearts coded, Jiminy finds a mysterious entry within his journal, which he doesn't recall recording. Because of this, he immediately reports to King Mickey and explains his confusion. After a little investigation, however, it is revealed that the journal has been corrupt, and to restore it, a data version of Sora is created to enter the journal and eliminate the Bug Blocks.

Jiminy returns in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and plays his first role as a supporting character within his homeworld, as opposed to a character taking part in the story's overall plot. He appears in the world of Prankster's Paradise, frantically trying to retrieve and care for a mischievous Pinocchio.

Jiminy returns in Kingdom Hearts III, once again joining Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their adventure. Rather than using his actual journal, Jiminy records Sora's adventures using the Gummiphone equipped by Chip and Dale. After Sora rescues Aqua and Ventus and thereby gathering the Seven Lights, Jiminy grants them access to his journal entries to keep them up to date on the latest events. Jiminy is later present during the first half of the Keyblade War; he is Sora's only surviving companion when a storm of Heartless lays waste to the other heroes. Jiminy guides Sora through various Disney worlds to retrieve the lost hearts of their friends before a Heartless designed after the Grim Reaper can claim them first. Kairi's light is able to guide Sora and Jiminy back to reality, where they are able to resume the final battle against Xehanort. During the epilogue, Jiminy is seen returning to Disney Castle alongside Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Yen Sid.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion[]

Jiminy plays a major role in the spin-off to Epic Mickey, where he acts as Mickey's sidekick during his journey through the "illusions."

Other games[]

Jiminy is mentioned by Pinocchio in Kinect Disneyland Adventures.[1]

Jiminy Cricket appeared as both the storyteller and a playable character in Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour, where he tells the story of how Chip and Dale accidentally destroyed the Fireworks Machine and also gives the player hints about racing in the game. He is unlocked by beating the Adventure Mode once.

Jiminy Cricket makes an appearance in Disney Infinity as a townsperson. In the 3DS version; he welcomes the user's team to Story Mode and the first game board. Jiminy, himself, was meant to appear in the canceled Disney INFINITY: 4.0 Edition as a nonplayable character that acted as a tutorial guide.[2]

Disney Parks[]

File:Jiminy Cricket HKDL.jpg

Jiminy posing for a photo at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Jiminy Cricket appears as a live character at the Disney theme parks. He is usually seen alone or with Geppetto or Pinocchio. He also appears as a safety mascot along with Pinocchio and Geppetto. He also acts as a mascot of Disney's environmental initiatives in the parks, appearing on recycling cans.

Walt Disney World[]

Jiminy and the Blue Fairy are the hosts of the Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom theme park. In the show, Jiminy and a cast of Disney characters host a series of magical fireworks and musical themes.

Near the final float of the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Jiminy can be seen among the cast of classic characters.

Tokyo Disney Resort[]

In Japan, Jiminy can occasionally be found at the Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea for meet-and-greets. He can also be seen during the finale of One Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives On!.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey[]

Jiminy appears in the dark ride, found at three of the Disney Parks worldwide (specifically in California, Japan, and France).


In Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Jiminy makes an appearance where he's trapped in a bubble before a sequence featuring Monstro begins.

He also appears in the finale of the Tokyo version.




  • In The Return of Jafar and Season 1 of the Aladdin TV series, Genie briefly morphed into Jiminy.
  • Jiminy served as an inspiration for most Disney sidekick characters, acting as a comedic guardian for the protagonists, such as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and Ray in The Princess and the Frog.
    • During the development of Elena of Avalor and Moana, Jiminy's character was kept in mind during the characterizations of Zuzo and Mini Maui, respectively.
  • Jiminy is the mascot of Gideon McDuck's newspaper, the County Conscience.
  • Though not appearing in Geppetto, he is mentioned by name when Professor Buonragazzo promises Geppetto a new son "Faster than you can say 'Jimminy Cricket.'"


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