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Jamboree of Magical Parade, is the current daytime parade at Disneyland Montreal which premiered on June, 8, 2030, as part of its 10th anniversary celebration. It had replace Dreams of Fantasy Parade, it features Disney characters, cheerful music, and themed parade floats. the Parade is designed by Steve Davison (creator of World of Color).

The resort's 10th anniversary promotion, titled "Jubilation! World", ran from June, 16, 2030, through May 20, 2031.

Parade Units[]

  • Opening
    • Logo Float: There is a float with a sun on it and on the float it says "Disney" and on the bottom it says "Jamboree of Magical" there is a "10" on the top of the float. Dancers with ribbons precede the float.
    • The Band Concert: Based on the 1935 animated cartoon. A band leads a 8 meter high balloon of Mickey, his hand with the wand moves.
  • The Goldenage
    • Minnie's Heart Of Love: Features Minnie Mouse, and the heart girl in famous crown scenes.
    • Princesses:
    • Fairies:
  • Final
    • Mickey's Rainbow Of Stars: Features Mickey Mouse, and the sky girl in famous star scenes.

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