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October 1, 1982





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ImageWorks was an interactive exhibit area at Epcot's Imagination! pavilion, described in the closing spiel of the original Journey Into Imagination as "the creative playground of the future." Originally, the attraction was in the upstairs area of the pavilion, in the glass pyramids. After the 1999 refurbishment of the ride, a new ImageWorks was constructed downstairs by the unload for the new attraction, under the name "The What-If? Labs," with a few new things to see and do.

The original ImageWorks is in fact, mostly intact, though now used for special events and storage. Late in August, the area started being used for the finale of an interactive Kim Possible activity being tested around Epcot, primarily in World Showcase.


The original ImageWorks was located on the second floor of the pavilion. It was closed and partially dismantled during the 1998 renovation of the pavilion. Some of the original equipment remains in place, but guests are no longer able to enter the second floor.

  • Dreamfinder's School of Drama - Using a bluescreen, guests put themselves into a movie under the direction of Dreamfinder. Choices were a western (Daring Deputies and the Return of Sagebrush Sam), a fantasy film (Enchanted Travelers--Wily Wizard the Cranky King), or a science fiction film (Acrobatic Astronauts in Galactic Getaway).
  • Pin Screens - Massive pin tables.
  • Stepping Tones - Guests create music from stepping on color panels.
  • Figment's Coloring Book - Guests colored images featuring Figment and Dreamfinder using electric "paintbrush guns."
  • Rainbow Corridor - A large tunnel that featured colored lights that followed the guests as they went through, each guest getting a different color.
  • Electronic Philharmonic - By the usage of sensors, guests could conduct an orchestra.
  • Kaleidoscopes - Very large kaleidoscopes that could be controlled by the guest.
  • Vibrating Mirrors - An effect that made the guests' reflection warp like a funhouse mirror.
  • Voice Activated Lumia - A 6-foot-diameter (1.8 m) sphere that would respond with light effects to the guests voice or sounds.
  • Bubble Projectors - In the small pyramid, bubbles were projected on circular screens under the guests control. When they overlapped they would create new colors.

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