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Kodak (1999-2010)

Preceded by

ImageWorks (old version)

ImageWorks is an interactive exhibit area at Epcot's Imagination! pavilion, described in the closing spiel of the original Journey Into Imagination as "the creative playground of the future." Originally, the attraction was in the upstairs area of the pavilion in the glass pyramids. After the 1999 refurbishment of the ride, a new ImageWorks was constructed downstairs by the unload for the new attraction, under the name The What-If? Labs, with a few new things to see and do.

The original ImageWorks is in fact, mostly intact, though now used for special events and storage. Late in August, the area started being used for the finale of an interactive Kim Possible activity being tested around Epcot, primarily in World Showcase. All association with Kodak was removed when the company ended its sponsorship of the pavilion in 2010; the only noticeable changes are the disappearance of Kodak signs at the attraction.


This ImageWorks incarnation is located on the first floor of the pavilion, outside of the ride exit. The area is directly adjacent to the pavilion's gift shop. It was known as the Kodak "What-If?" Labs from 1999-2010, while Kodak was a sponsor for the exhibit. The Kodak name has since been dropped.

  • Stepping Tones - Much like the original, though now featuring picture panels making sounds.
  • Figment's Melody Maker - Added in the 2002 refurbishment, guests can cause Figment to play an instrument to the tune of "One Little Spark," changing pitch by what height Figment is at on the screen.

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