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Fort Wilderness Railroad




Early 1980s


WED Enterprises

Vehicle capacity


Cars per vehicle


Guests per car



13,200 ft. (4,000 m)

The Fort Wilderness Railroad was a 2.5–3.5-mile (4.0–5.6 km) steam-powered railway that opened in 1973 to provide transportation around the various campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. It also provided transportation around the resort grounds to campers and guests visiting the nearby River Country water park. Because of issues with track maintenance, pedestrian safety, and noise concerns, the railroad only operated occasionally after 1977, and closed permanently in the early 1980s. Some sections of track remain in place along the outer areas of the campground.

The major difference between the Fort Wilderness Railroad and the Walt Disney World Railroad in the nearby Magic Kingdom is size; the Fort Wilderness Railroad is built to 4/5 scale with a 30" gauge track, compared to the full size 36" gauge track at the Magic Kingdom.

The Fort Wilderness Railroad utilized four replica steam locomotives and twenty coaches built by Walt Disney Imagineering. After the railroad was closed, the locomotives were stored for several years, and are today privately owned. Several of the coaches are also still in existence, used as ticket booths at Typhoon Lagoon and Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney.

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