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The Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf complex is a miniature golf course located at the Walt Disney World Resort. Located across from the Swan and Dolphin resorts, it has two 18-hole courses themed after the movie Fantasia, and opened in 1996.

  • Fantasia Gardens is easier, as well as more child-friendly (it features characters and objects from the movie integrated in each hole).
  • Fantasia Fairways, the more difficult of the two, is designed with hazards of a real golf course such as sand traps and rough terrain. Fantasia Fairways was recently voted the longest and most challenging mini golf course in the world by Golf Digest. Par is 72 for the fairways course.
  • Confirmed by Walt Disney World, the record for the fairways course is 46 (26 under par) and is a tie between two people, Neil Candelora and Bob Ferrera, both Orlando natives.
  • The fairways course is often referred to as "Fan-fair," a clever combination of "Fantasia" and "Fairways". Disney CEO Bob Iger made the nickname official in 2009.
  • Nearby resident Phil Mickelson famously played Fanfair and shot a 66. Par at the time was 61, meaning he shot 5 over par. He has said about the course, "Fanfair is the hardest golf course I have EVER played, and WILL ever play in my life. It is not, repeat, NOT, for amateurs."

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