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Dumbo the Flying Elephant


October 1, 1971



Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a carousel-style ride located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Attraction Description[]

Based on the character from the 1941 animated feature, the sixteen ride vehicles are each shaped like Dumbo and are mounted on articulated armatures connected to a rotating hub. The passengers ride in the "Dumbos" and can maneuver them up and down with a joystick which operates a hydraulic ram. The ride itself rotates counterclockwise at a constant rate.

A figure of Timothy Q. Mouse rides atop the central hub. The figure originally held a training whip, later replaced with the "magic feather." Timothy is voiced by Chris Edgerly on this ride.

The Magic Kingdom's version of this attraction does not include a central water feature like its Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland counterparts. The utilidors, running directly below the attraction, prevented the installation of water pipes necessary for the water features to operate.


Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland is currently undergoing a large expansion and renovation. As part of this expansion, an expanded Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride will be built with an interactive queue.

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