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Music Springtime Bash[]

The parade's opening float represents the entrance to the Tin Soldier and Ballerina Spring garden. On the far side of this "secret" entrance are Easter bunnies, who are all dressed up to welcome everyone. The next float is a Music where Bumble Boogie and Roger Rabbit the Easter bunnies are having fun decorating Musical with Jazz.

Fantasy and Eggs[]

On the gym float that follows, the White Rabbit is coaching Goofy, his Donald Duck, and the Easter bunnies. They are getting into condition for the egg race with some fanciful training techniques. Next, colorfully painted Easter eggs can be seen on the garden-like float where Mickey Mouse and Pluto with bunny ears on their heads are happily hunting for the eggs.

School of Cook[]

Pooh's friend Rabbit is teaching a class about how to enjoy Easter on the schoolhouse float. Next, Chip 'n' Dale are cooking up tasty treats for the Easter bunnies on the kitchen float decorated with lots of huge vegetables.

Princess of Spring[]

The final float shows a dance party with the charming Minnie Mouse, Clarice and Disney Princess. All around them, flowers and cute bugs are putting on a comical performance.

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