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Disney's ImagiNations Parade was a short-lived parade at Disneyland Park that ran from December 31, 1999 until March 2001. It replaced The Wonderful World of Disney Parade.

The parade combined large colorful floats of Disney characters with the continents of the World. However due to lukewarm reception and unpredictable Parsian weather, the parade only lasted 15 months (It was originally been scheduled to run for the whole of 2001) and The Wonderful World of Disney Parade was brought back in March of 2001.

Parade Units[]

The parade had 7 units. A popular Mickey Mouse character represented the continents as a giant float.

Show facts[]


  • Mickey Mouse is the only main character in the parade not to get a huge float of himself. Instead, he rides a huge airplane known as the Magigolfière.
  • The floats were over 11 metres tall, and due to this the two turrets marking the entrance of Fantasyland had to be removed as the floats were so tall.
  • Mickey Mouse and his friends are the only Disney characters in the parade.

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