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Bumble Boogie is an animated short and the second segment from both Disney's 1948 (10th) animated feature film Melody Time and the 1955 reissue, Contrasts in Rhythm.


A surrealistic nightmare for a solitary, tiny, aghast, fast and desparate bumblebee actually known as Bumble (to a boogie-woogie version of Flight of the Bumblebee) trying to escape the visual display and imminent harmony of a musical frenzy.


This segment features the story of a bumblebee named Bumble trying to escape from an instrumental nightmare. Bumble tries to smell or rest on flowers but the flowers end up attacking him. Fed up with all the flowers attacking him, he gets enraged and smashes the flowers that try to eat him, but their petals made of piano keys form into a giant snake. After avoiding the snake by causing it to separate its keys, the piano keys form back into the same creature later serving as a cage so Bumble won't escape. However, destroying the cage led the piano keys in the form of butterflies surrounding him as Bumble tries to escape from the instrument frenzy. Bumble then avoids the trumpets and piano hammers that try to hit him as he ends up on piano keys falling off a river. Having escaped, Bumble then leaps on the piano keys, restoring the piano and ending the segment.



  • The music for this animated segment is courtesy of Freddy Martin and His Orchestra (with Jack Fina playing the piano) and is a swing-jazz variation of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee, which was one of the many pieces considered for inclusion in Fantasia.

Notes & Production[]

  • According to the narrator, the work is a "musical nightmare" that allows the viewer to view Bumble in a surreal musical world. This had joined another surreal sequence from All the Cats Join In to Make Mine Music and Toccata and Fugue in D Minor from Disney's 1940 animated feature-film Fantasia.

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