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Body Wars
Body Wars


October 19, 1989


January 1, 2007


WED Enterprises


WED Enterprises

Ride length


Height requirements

40" (102 cm)

Sponsored by

MetLife (1989-2001)

Body Wars was a ride at the Wonders of Life pavilion at Walt Disney World Resort's Epcot. Body Wars was a simulator ride where the riders were "shrunk" and carried out a mission inside a human body. The ride was based upon the Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator. The ride is no longer in operation along with the other rides at the Wonders of Life pavilion, which officially opened on October 19, 1989, and closed on January 1, 2007.

Ride Description[]

Guests enter the queue as "observation team members" and are told by overhead announcements that they must pass the "level 1 and level 2 dermatopic purification screens" to enter the body-probe vehicle.

In the queue and loading area, announcements are made about details of the four bays. Dr. Cynthia Lair has volunteered to be miniaturized to observe a splinter. You are told you will board vehicle Bravo 229 and will be shrunk. Your mission is to meet up with Dr. Cynthia Lair and bring her out. Captain Braddock will be your pilot.

You learn that your "LGS 2050"-type probe vehicle weighs approximately 26 tons, but once miniaturized, weighs less than a drop of water. Your vehicle, Bravo 229, moves from the bay to the miniaturization room, where technicians focus a "particle reducer" on the ship. Your ship and crew mates are shrunk and sent under the subject's skin. White blood cells are seen on their way to destroy the splinter.

You arrive at the splinter, meeting with Dr. Cynthia Lair. She begins to take a cell count when she is accidentally pulled into a capillary. Captain Braddock follows her into the vein, entering an unauthorized area. The captain steers Bravo past the heart and into the right ventricle. The riders enter the lungs where the doctor is being attacked by a white blood cell.

The captain uses his lasers to free the doctor. By now, the ship is very low on power. The doctor suggests that they use the brain's energy to recharge the ship. Passing the heart's left atrium, the ship goes through the artery to get to the brain. A neuron contacts the ship, allowing it to regain power and de-miniaturize outside of the body.


  • Tim Matheson as Captain Braddock
  • Dakin Matthews as Mission Commander
  • Elisabeth Shue as Dr. Cynthia Lair


On May 16, 1995, a four-year-old girl with a known heart condition passed out during a ride on the Body Wars attraction in the Wonders of Life pavilion. The ride was stopped immediately and paramedics took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy was inconclusive as to whether the ride had aggravated her condition.

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