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Black Barty
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Black Barty is a pirate who appears in the video game Kinect Disneyland Adventures. He was voiced by Troy Baker.

He appears as a meet-and-greet character along the Rivers of America in New Orleans Square and also serves as the players' guide in the Pirates of the Caribbean mini-game.


Black Barty was a pirate and an enemy of Blackbeard during the 18th century. With the player's help, he goes about hunting treasure before Blackbeard can acquire it.

Black Barty came to New Orleans Square in 1817 where he was a compatriot of historic smuggler Jean Lafitte. He ended up cursed, in the modern times, and relied on the player character to do quests to help him find his way.


  • Black Barty was very likely made to serve as an analogue to Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. This is evident in his design and personality, as-well as him recreating many of Jack Sparrow's positions from the ride. It is likely that the game-developers couldn't acquire rights to use actor Johnny Depp's likeness for the game.
    • Additionally, Blackbeard in this video-game heavily resembles Jack's nemesis Barbossa from the films with a beard not even being included in his design.
  • Black Barty takes his name from historic pirate Bartholomew Roberts although they bare little-to-no resemblance to one another.
    • Roberts himself was once conceived for the Pirates of the Caribbean as a character who would be featured prevalently in it and connect it with the Haunted Mansion though his (fictional) ghost of Captain Gore.
    • Artwork made by Marc Davis for Bartholomew Roberts would be adapted into the character of the Auctioneer.

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