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Animation Courtyard is a section of Disney's Hollywood Studios. This section was originally the starting point for the tours of the park's active production studios. Its entrance is marked by a square "studio arch," much like a real Hollywood studio lot entrance might be marked. The Animation Courtyard is home to a number of attractions based on Disney characters of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The Magic of Disney Animation is an attraction that examines the development process of an animated character. It also includes interactive games and exhibits, along with meet-and-greet areas for Disney and Pixar characters.

Mickey Avenue, a sub-section of Animation Courtyard, is home to a walk-through exhibit, Walt Disney: One Man's Dream, which explores the life and legacy of Walt Disney through photos, models, rare artifacts, and a short biographical film narrated by Julie Andrews.

The Courtyard section also hosts two live shows. Disney Junior Live on Stage! entertains guests with puppet characters from the Disney Junior block of programming on the Disney Channel. Across the plaza, Voyage of the Little Mermaid uses glow-in-the-dark puppets, lasers, music, projectors, human actors, and water effects to re-create favorite scenes and songs from the animated film The Little Mermaid.



  • AFI Showcase Shop

Future Attractions[]

  • The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

Former Attractions[]

Former Restaurants[]

  • Soundstage Restaurant
  • Catwalk Bar

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