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Template:Quote Anastasia Tremaine is a character who appears as a secondary antagonist of Disney's 1950 animated feature film, Cinderella but later becoming a supporting character in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, and the tritagonist of Cinderella III: A Twist in Time. She is Cinderella's younger stepsister, the younger sister of Drizella Tremaine, and the youngest daughter of Lady Tremaine.


She is the younger sister of Drizella and the daughter of Lady Tremaine. Her mother then married a noble man with a daughter, Cinderella. After the death of Cinderella's father, they became cruel and forced Cinderella into servitude within her own home.


In the original film, Anastasia was portrayed as selfish, spoiled, and greedy as her sister Drizella and her mother Lady Tremaine, and is portrayed as ugly both on the inside and the outside and not very graceful. She is very jealous of Cinderella's success and beauty and enjoyed seeing her slave under her, her sister, mother, and even their cat.

However, her character is fleshed out considerably in the sequels, showing that, while her mother's a socialite obsessed with status, Anastasia is more interested in finding somebody who will love her for who she is on the inside. While she is, indeed, ungrateful and rather ugly in the first movie, she's portrayed as being merely plain (compared to the beauty of Cinderella) rather than ugly as she becomes a more sympathetic character, and shown to have been ugly only as a result of Tremaine's upbringing.

It's possible that she was favored by Lady Tremaine, as in the third film, she chose Anastasia to wear the slipper and marry the prince when she altered history using the Fairy Godmother's magic wand (though it could be due to her finding the Fairy Godmother's wand), as Lady Tremaine had keenly exploited Anastasia's desperation for love.

However, Anastasia had a romantic side, as she had once felt a desire to fall in love with Prince Charming (upon whom her mother had placed a love spell to get him to love her), coupled with lingering guilt over her mistreatment of Cinderella. After speaking with Charming's father about love, she later realized that she wanted to be loved for who she is and not because of a spell or a trick. She defied her mother, returning the wand to Cinderella and apologizing for everything she'd done.

This repentant act earned her forgiveness from everyone, particularly Cinderella herself, and also the King who wanted Anastasia to keep the seashell his own wife had given to him, telling her everyone deserves love. Anastasia's repentance also prompted Cinderella to allow Anastasia to move into the Castle. This ultimately saved her from the punishment imposed on Lady Tremaine and Drizella, as Cinderella believed that Anastasia had only mistreated her because she was also emotionally abused and manipulated, and ultimately forced to do so by Lady Tremaine.

Her relationship with Cinderella was incredibly strained in the original film, but the sequels show that Cinderella was able to let bygones be bygones, particularly the third movie. However, Anastasia still felt some envy of Cinderella's incredible beauty as she was shown to be hesitant in gaining Cinderella's help to woo the local baker, with whom she fell in love. With Cinderella's help, though, she stood up to her mother and attended Cinderella's Ball with the Baker, thanking her stepsister and declaring that dreams really do come true, However, that would all be reversed as Lady Tremaine would turn back time, though after the events of the third film, she re-meets the Baker (although Lady Tremaine might have turned back time *before* Anastasia met the baker).

Physical appearance[]

Anastasia has a slender figure, fair skin, long red hair, and black eyes. Her trademark appearance has her wearing different shades of pink and/or magenta long short-sleeved gown and matching purple flats. Her long red hair is tied in several ringlets, and she has a golden hair clip on her head. In her later appearances in two direct sequels, Anastasia wears her trademark dress as the sleeves of her dress are now pink instead of violet. When she was kicked by the horse and messed up before she ran away from the baker for the mess, the several ringlets on her hair were loose before Cinderella made a makeover.

In the ballroom scene and after ripping Cinderella's dress along with her sister, Drizella, she has a single light green feather on her head while wearing her trademark gown. Her sleepwear is identical to her sister, Drizella, wearing a long sleeve nightgown with a white ribbon in the center, and the color is pink with a matching sleeping hat.

In her appearance in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, where she wanted to be loved by the baker and became close to Cinderella in the An Uncommon Romance segment of the film, she wears a different shade of purple long-sleeved gown as her collar resembles a short cape with a dark blue jewel at the center. Her red hair is loose and wears a purple choker and her flats from her trademark outfit are now brown. She also wears golden rounded earrings on her ear and a matching three golden bracelets on her left wrist. At the end of the segment where she and the baker dance at a party ball, she wears lighter shades of yellow long short-sleeved formal dress and pale yellow shoes as her hair is still loose like her primary appearance and wears white long gloves.

When she was a child, Anastasia's hair was shorter with a full fringe, and she wore a different shade of pink short-sleeved dress with a white-winged collar and a blue jewel in the center, though her facial features remain the same as young.



Anastasia first appears during the prologue of the film. She is seen alongside Drizella, her mother and Lucifer, watching Cinderella and her father, as the narrator narrates about them, calling them about the same age as Cinderella. She is also seen alongside her mother and sister, as Cinderella mourns her father's death, the Tremaines revealing their cruelty, forcing her into a servant into her own home.

Template:Quote She is then seen during the present, as her and her family all call for Cinderella to serve them breakfast (with them treating her as a servant). However, due to Lucifer chasing Gus, she finds him in her meal, becoming shocked and enraged, calling for her mother to punish Cinderella, and as Lady Tremaine calls Cinderella into her room to speak with her, both Anastasia and Drizella try to listen to their conversation.


Anastasia and Drizella arguing over music.

Anastasia and Drizella are also shown to have large arguments, and are both quite bad with music. While they are rehearsing "Sing, Sweet Nightingale", as Anastasia plays the flute, she then unintentionally hits Drizella in the chin when her finger gets caught in one of the holes, bringing them into argument. However, when Cinderella enters and informs them that there will be a ball for the Prince, they are ecstatic and then mock Cinderella for wanting to go. After their mother reluctantly agrees, they seem shocked for her to allowing Cinderella to go to the ball, though Lady Tremaine explains. With them subsequently so she can't get ready, call for her to for more and more chores. However, when they are ready to leave for the ball, they are shocked to see Cinderella ready, though when she finds out that Cinderella is wearing her sash, they then in anger destroy Cinderella's dress, then leaving for the ball.

At the ball, they are then seen watching Cinderella (though they don't know that it is her) dancing with Prince Charming, with the three wondering who is that girl, and Lady Tremaine noticing something familiar on her, though not well as the Grand Duke forbade her seeing more, as the curtains rang down.

The next morning, Anastasia and Drizella are woken up, and in Anastasia's room, Lady Tremaine tells them that the unknown maiden lost her glass slipper and whoever it fits would become the Prince's bride, with them ordering Cinderella for preparations. Though she doesn't do them, enamored, with Lady Tremaine finding out the truth and locking her in her bedroom.

When the Grand Duke arrives at their home to see if the slipper fits or not, Anastasia's tries on the slipper first, though her foot is shown to be extremely large for her feet, and seems shocked to find out that Cinderella fits the slipper (and having the other slipper).

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True[]


Anastasia in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True.

In the second movie, Anastasia is the central character of the segment "An Uncommon Romance." She seems to have not changed until she meets with the town's baker, who catches her eye. However, Lady Tremaine disapproves of the baker's lower-class status and tries to make her daughter forget about him.

As a result, Anastasia rebels against her mother for the first time. When she and the baker first meet, she is embarrassed after being kicked by a horse and sent flying into the bakery. Cinderella sees Anastasia and realizes that Anastasia has fallen for the baker, so Cinderella decides to help bring Anastasia and the baker together.

Cinderella encourages Anastasia to follow her heart and gives her stepsister a makeover, changing her looks for the better. As a result, the baker asks Anastasia to go with him to an upcoming ball hosted by Cinderella. The Baker and Anastasia have a misunderstanding, as Anastasia thinks the baker is in love with another woman as she cries in the fountain, while the latter wanted to give the heart-shaped roses to Anastasia, but the roses were eaten by a goat who only left a single flower on the ground. Though Lady Tremaine is displeased as well as her sister, Drizella who states her relationship with the baker is a disaster, and her mother attempts to drag her away, Anastasia blatantly disobeys her mother and remains with the baker, causing Lady Tremaine to leave in a huff, much to Drizella's surprise as she follows her mother away. Her part in the movie ends with her and the baker dancing at another ball hosted by Cinderella, dancing with Prince Charming. Anastasia found what she wanted: true love, to which Anastasia displays great gratitude and affection towards her stepsister for helping her find true love. Cinderella, however, corrects her and states Anastasia always knew how to find it herself.

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time[]

File:Cinderella3 0600.jpg

Anastasia in Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.

Anastasia's largest role to date has been in the third and final installment where she appears as a main character and anti-heroine. A year following Cinderella's marriage to Prince Charming, Anastasia and Drizella are stuck doing her chores. Later, Anastasia, in an attempt to avoid more work, follows Cinderella and the Prince to a picnic held by the Fairy Godmother and the mice. She is seen climbing a tree, discovering that magic was what helped Cinderella to get her happy ending, only to fall and unknowingly grab the wand belonging to the Fairy Godmother. She rushes back to her sister and mother and shows them the wand, saying it was the answer to their prayers. Both Drizella and Lady Tremaine are skeptical until Anastasia accidentally transforms Lucifer's body into that of a goose and the Fairy Godmother (who followed Anastasia to retrieve her wand) into a stone statue, much to Anastasia's horror as she didn't intend for that to happen.

Finally realizing what's going on, Lady Tremaine then takes the wand and uses it to reverse time, to when the Grand Duke comes to their home with the glass slipper. Using the wand, Lady Tremaine alters the glass slipper's size so that it fits her large foot, much to Anastasia's excitement. Anastasia is taken to the palace, where it is intended that she will marry the Prince. Though Prince Charming is certain that Anastasia was not the girl from the ball, his memories are altered by Lady Tremaine using the wand and he proposes to her and Anastasia gladly accepted. Later on, Anastasia speaks with the King, who takes a liking to her. Apparently, Anastasia resembles his late wife, both in looks and in a lack of dancing talent. The king gives Anastasia a shell, which he claims is his most precious possession, as it was what made his and his wife's hands touch.

Over time, Anastasia realizes that Charming does not love her or anyone and begins questioning her mother's motives. However, Lady Tremaine's plans are revealed by Charming after he rescued Cinderella from being exiled (thanks to the mice producing the fixed glass slipper as proof), and the King furiously ordered the Tremaines to be arrested. Anastasia correctly realized that Charming's true feelings for Cinderella are too strong for the magic to get rid of, but still, in possession of the wand, Lady Tremaine captures Cinderella and transforms Anastasia into a Cinderella look-alike, which Anastasia herself isn't happy to go through with, especially after Cinderella asked her does she even love the prince. Cinderella manages to escape, arrives back at the wedding just as the vows are being exchanged.


Anastasia reunites Cinderella with the Prince

However, Anastasia's conscience gets the better of her, and unwilling to spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she isn't, she refuses to marry the Prince, to the amazement of everyone, especially the real Cinderella, as she admits that she wants to be loved for who she is, not because of a magic spell. An infuriated Lady Tremaine emerges from the shadows and tries to turn Anastasia into a toad until Cinderella steps in to defend her for her honesty. An unfazed Lady Tremaine decides to turn them both into toads, but the Prince intervenes and reflects the magic beam with his sword so that it hits Lady Tremaine and Drizella instead. Anastasia brings the real Cinderella and the Prince together and uses the wand to transform herself back to normal. Cinderella thanks Anastasia, and the two reconcile, putting their animosity firmly behind them. Together, they restore the Fairy Godmother. Anastasia later tries to return the shell to the King, claiming she does not deserve it, but the King allows her to keep it as he believes everyone deserves true love. She then hugs the King, who welcomes her into the royal family, and then watches happily as Cinderella and Prince Charming finally tie the knot.


Cinderella and Anastasia reconcile.

At the end of the movie, Anastasia now lives at the palace with Cinderella and the Prince and is seen during the end credits in a picture with the baker from the second film, which is slightly confusing when the events of each film take place first (this can be accounted for the rewritten timeline). This saves her from becoming a scullery maid like her now-estranged mother and older sister. This portrait also suggests that she and the baker will eventually marry as he gives her a single cupcake in the painting.

House of Mouse[]

Anastasia makes numerous appearances in the animated series House of Mouse. She is usually found with Drizella or Lucifer. Anastasia along with Drizella was also a part of the villain gang in the animated feature Mickey's House of Villains.

In "Jiminy Cricket", she and Drizella were used as an example of negative temptations.

In "Ask Von Drake", she was seen trying on the slipper when Ludwig Von Drake appeared and advised the Grand Duke to try it on Cinderella.

In "Goofy's Valentine Date", Mortimer Mouse flirted with her and Drizella, until Lucifer attacked him.

Other appearances[]

An emoticon version of Anastasia appeared in the Cinderella entry of the As Told by Emoji short series.

Live-action appearances[]

Cinderella (2015)[]

In the live-action re-imagining of the 1950 film, Anastasia is played by Holliday Grainger. Anastasia wears the same style of clothes as Drisella, but Anastasia's clothes are pink while Drizella's are yellow. She's not as smart as Drisella, but according to herself, she's prettier. She likes to draw in her free time, but she isn't very talented. Anastasia doesn't like to do the housekeeping, preferring to sleep and care for her own appearance.

Once Upon a Time[]

Anastasia first appears in the Season 7 episode "The Garden of Forking Paths". She is the daughter of Marcus and Rapunzel Tremaine, sister of Drizella, stepdaughter of Cecelia, the stepsister of Cinderella, and step-aunt of Lucy.

After her mother's disappearance, her father remarries to a woman named Cecelia. Despite having a stepmother, Anastasia remains hopeful of her mother's return. Six years after Rapunzel went missing, Anastasia lights up floating lanterns to guide her mother home, which succeeds. After Cecelia is cursed by Rapunzel, Anastasia lives happily with the rest of the family. One winter evening, while building a snowman, Anastasia and Ella fall into the frozen lake, and their father saves Ella first before Anastasia is saved. In the brink of death, her mother brings her body to Gothel, who preserves her last breath but threatens to lock her in a tower to be the Guardian, but Rapunzel turns the tables on her. Anastasia's body is kept in a coffin at her manor, with Rapunzel determined to awake her.

File:Once Upon a Time - 7x03 - The Garden of Forking Paths - Anastasia in the Coffin.jpg

Anastasia lying in the coffin.

Years later, Lady Tremaine has Anastasia's coffin delivered to her house. Tiana, the leader of a rebellion against Lady Tremaine, learns about this and informs Cinderella, who has joined the rebellion, to see if she knows anything. Although Cinderella immediately recognizes it, she lies to Tiana but sneaks out that night to return to her old home and find out more. Lady Tremaine, expecting her, is standing right through the doorway with the coffin. She briefly taunts Cinderella before deciding to open the coffin, revealing Anastasia's body. She explains to Cinderella how she used magic to preserve Anastasia's body and now needs a heart of true belief to revive her. Having learned that Henry Mills, Cinderella's new ally, possesses the Heart of the Truest Believer, Lady Tremaine blackmails Cinderella into ripping out his heart and bringing it to her, threatening to kill the rest of the rebellion if she does not. After being advised by Regina Mills, Henry's mother, Cinderella does not go through with this. Anastasia's body is kept in a coffin at her manor, with Rapunzel determined to awake her.

Anastasia, in her coffin, is brought over to Seattle by a curse, buried underneath the Community Gardens. Victoria Belfrey, the cursed version of her mother, demolishes the gardens to uncover her, then brings her to the Belfry Towers where she has a woman shackled up. Victoria explains to the woman who Anastasia is and that she plans to steal Lucy's belief to revive her and requests the woman's help; however, she refuses, threatening to stand against Victoria after she has destroyed Lucy and revived Anastasia.

Later, Ivy locates Anastasia's coffin at her mother's vacation home and brings it to the Witch so they can revive her and steal the magic inside her. However, when they open the coffin, Anastasia's body is not there. Ivy then realizes her mother must have moved the body to somewhere else.

With Anastasia's body now in a hospital room, Victoria brings her granddaughter, Lucy, there to show her the reality of her unhappy ending. As Victoria requires Lucy to forfeit her belief in order to resurrect Anastasia, she crushes the girl's dream of her parents' ever reuniting. She then collects one of Lucy's tears and uses a dropper to use it onto Anastasia, who awakens with a gasp, as elsewhere in Hyperion Heights, Lucy collapses in her mother Jacinda's arms. Anastasia recognizes Victoria is her mother, and as Victoria joyfully tells her that she brought her back, an upset Ivy watches from outside the room before sauntering off.

File:Once Upon a Time - 7x10 - The Eighth Witch - Photography - Anastasia.jpg

Anastasia awakened.

As Anastasia adjusts to the Land Without Magic by watching cartoons, she and Victoria are visited by Weaver (dismayed that his great-granddaughter was to be sacrificed), who gains Victoria's permission to test Anastasia to see if she is the Guardian he is seeking, in exchange for keeping her safe from Gothel and Ivy. To this end, Victoria and Weaver take Anastasia to Weaver's evidence room. Weaver explains that the test is to see if she can identify which of the many knives has magic. Anastasia briefly examines them, even picking one up, but does not sense magic in any of them. However, the knives suddenly fly into the air and pierce a nearby cabinet, frightening Anastasia who speculates that the magical knife is in that cabinet. Indeed, Weaver pulls out the Dark One's Dagger from the cabinet, confirming that Anastasia is the Guardian. She is terrified of her power after what happened with the knives, but Weaver assures her that her magic can help people and that he specifically needs her to heal an ailing girl. He has her write down runes, which will cast a spell to save Lucy, but Anastasia begins to panic when she senses Gothel approaching, causing her powers to go haywire. When Gothel arrives, Anastasia lets out a blast of magic, sending Weaver, Victoria, and Gothel flying. Horrified, Anastasia flees, running into the arms of Ivy, who she recognizes as her sister, Drizella, and is surprised to see has grown up. Ivy deceives Anastasia into thinking she is working with Victoria and gives her bracelets made out of vines to dampen her powers. She then escorts Anastasia away under the guise of protecting her from Gothel, but actually takes her to where Gothel is waiting and reveals just how much she has come to despise her. Anastasia has her hands forcibly grabbed by Ivy, but instead of transferring Anastasia's magic to her as Ivy expected, the reverse happens and Gothel reveals that she has been manipulating Ivy all along. As a heartbroken Ivy is pushed into a pit by Gothel, Anastasia watches before Gothel leads her to another room. There, several cloaks are on display and Gothel informs her that the cloaks belong to her sisters, the Coven of the Eight and that they will now find the other six members.

Gothel then smugly reveals to Anastasia of her mother's crimes; poisoning her stepmother, killing a prince, killing her father, trying to rip out her sister's heart, and putting her step-niece in a coma to revive her. Anastasia is shaken at her mother's actions.

Anastasia eventually makes amends with Ivy, leaves Gothel and the Coven of the Eight, and returns to the Magical Forest with her sister.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland[]

Main article: Red Queen

A character named Anastasia, better known as the Red Queen, has many similarities with Anastasia Tremaine and is played by Emma Rigby. Both of them share the same name, wear a pink dress, and both of them have a cold and cruel mother, as well as a stepsister who was chosen by the Prince instead of them. They also both fall in love with a lower-class man, one of whom their mother does not approve of. The Red Queen fell in love with Will Scarlet, while Anastasia Tremaine fell in love with the Baker. It seems as though, while they are not explicitly the same character, Anastasia the Red Queen was based on or inspired by Anastasia Tremaine. It was later revealed by a writer from the series that both characters were adapted from the "Cinderella" fairytale.[1]

Printed media[]

Descendants: Isle of the Lost[]

Anastasia is one of the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, living near her mother and sister. She now has a son named Anthony Tremaine and several daughters and nieces.

Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch[]

Anastasia and Drizella are mentioned by Ursula in the novel by Serena Valentino. She refers to them as the "horrible sisters".

Video games[]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[]

Anastasia's role in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep starts out much like her role in the original film. When a ball is held at the Castle of Dreams, all unmarried women are invited for the prince to find a bride. Anastasia, along with Drizella and Lady Tremaine, attempted to keep Cinderella from going along by giving her endless chores to finish and preventing her from finding a suitable dress.

When Ven and Jaq make it for her, she and Drizella tear it apart saying she had stolen their provisions. Their plot failed when the Fairy Godmother makes a new dress and a pumpkin carriage for Cinderella to transport her to the ball. She is unable to identify Cinderella during the party as she is too far away from Anastasia to be recognized.

After the ball, Prince Charming asks the Grand Duke to search for Cinderella with the glass slipper. When he finally reaches their house, Anastasia attempts to make the shoe fit her oversized foot, but Cinderella proves to be the true owner of the slipper.

The Duke takes Cinderella with him back to the Castle, only to be confronted by Lady Tremaine and a powerful Unversed who intends to dispose of Cinderella. This act, however, causes the three women to be hit by one of the Unversed's attacks. Aqua then states that they were crushed by the darkness in their hearts.

Other games[]

In Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Anastasia and her sister were mentioned by their stepsister.[2]

Disney Parks[]

File:Anastasia Character Central.jpg

Anastasia, posing for a photo in Disneyland.

Anastasia is a semi-common character to spot in the Disney theme parks.

Walt Disney World[]

In the Magic Kingdom, Anastasia makes meet-and-greet appearances alongside Drizella. She is commonly featured throughout the park's Halloween seasonal events such as Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. She can also be spotted alongside Prince Charming and Drizella in Main Street Electrical Parade.

She can also be found at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, for meet-and-greets, on occasion.

Disneyland Paris[]

Anastasia can sometimes be found in Disneyland Paris' Fantasyland, for meet-and-greet sessions alongside Drizella.

Disney Cruise Line[]

Along with Drizella and Lady Tremaine, Anastasia is prominently featured in the Broadway-style show Twice Charmed.




  • In the Charles Perrault fairy tale on which the original movie is based, it was mentioned that one of the stepsisters was actually nicer to Cinderella than the other, if only somewhat. This was most likely the inspiration for Anastasia's reformation in the sequels.
    • In addition, the Stepsisters also apologize to Cinderella at the end of the Charles Perrault version, and she forgives them.
    • It is actually a common occurrence in most retellings of Cinderella to have at least one of the stepsisters become nicer to Cinderella. i.e., in the live-action movie Template:WikipediaLink, the youngest stepsister Jacqueline is much kinder to Danielle/Cinderella than her mother Rodmilla and her older sister Marguerite.
    • Cinderella most likely forgives Anastasia because she believes she had only mistreated her, because she was forced to do so as a result of the abuse that she, herself, had to endure at the hands of Lady Tremaine.
  • Anastasia's straight hair in Cinderella II is inspired by Ariel. Coincidentally both women wore pink dresses.
  • Anastasia's laugh is very similar to that of her mother.
  • She is sometimes thought to be the protagonist of the third film.
  • The shape of Anastasia's foot changes in two of the films. In the first movie, it was long; in the third movie, it was fat.
  • In the 1950 classic, Anastasia Tremaine is voiced by actress Lucille Bliss, for which she was honored 50 years later by the Young Artist Foundation with its Former Child Star "Lifetime Achievement" Award in March 2000.
  • Anastasia is highly allergic to roses, as shown in Cinderella III.
  • Anastasia was the first of Cinderella's stepfamily to hold the Fairy Godmother's wand.
  • According to Linda Woolverton, Anastasia and her sister Drizella are part of the reason why she removed Belle's wicked sisters in her penning of the adaptation for Beauty and the Beast, as she wanted to avoid confusion with them.
  • In the second film, when Anastasia gets her dress ruined, she runs away and cries by a fountain, this is a nod to Cinderella's breakdown in the first movie.
  • Both Anastasia and her mother wore purple. Interestingly, purple was only worn by royalty or of nobility in the 1800s and previously, implying the Tremaine household is noble.
  • Anastasia's reformation in the third film was foreshadowed when she accidentally turns the Fairy Godmother into stone, the magic of the wand when it was in her hands was white, while with her mother and sister it was in a green color.
  • In the 1957 Disneyland Records Storyteller book and record set narrated by Jiminy Cricket, he gives Anastasia the nickname Stash for short.[3]


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