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Template:Infobox Disney ride Template:Quote Adventureland is one of Disneyland Park's eight individual lands and is also among the park's original five. Like all of the Adventurelands around the world, the area is designed to look like a vast tropical jungle

The entrance to Adventureland is a tropical outpost and marketplace blending African, Caribbean, and Pacific influences, while the eastern side of the land is more exotic with the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye and Jungle Cruise taking up a majority of the landscape.


Adventureland was originally developed under the name "True-Life Adventureland", inspired by the True-Life Adventures documentary series. Early layouts of Disneyland placed it on the eastern side of Disneyland south of Tomorrowland, with a much narrower layout for its main "Rivers of Adventure" attraction, which became known as the Jungle Cruise. Initially conceived as an attraction featuring live animals, mechanical ones would be used instead to provide a consistent show. As the plans for Disneyland became finalized, Adventureland shifted to the west side of the park to better allow for the Jungle Cruise river to be interconnected with Frontierland's Rivers of America.

Upon its opening in 1955, Adventureland was little more then the Jungle Cruise dock and a few shops, including the Adventureland Bazaar. The area would receive several small expansions in the 1960s with the 1962 introduction of the Swiss Family Treehouse and the 1963 debut of the Enchanted Tiki Room and Tahitian Terrace. Other then occasional updates to the Jungle Cruise and renaming of restaurants, Adventureland stayed relatively the same until the mid-1990s with the addition of Aladdin's Oasis in 1993 and Indiana Jones Adventure in 1995. Indiana Jones Adventure required the re-routing of the Jungle Cruise to create a queue tunneling out to a show-building beyond the southern berm. The new attraction also lead to an aesthetic shift to a more rustic and lived-in community to match the tone of the Indiana Jones films, giving the area around Jungle Cruise a 1938 time period setting. Swiss Family Treehouse would become Tarzan's Treehouse in 1999 and Aladdin's Oasis would be removed in 2018 for the new Tropical Hideaway restaurant.

Attractions and Entertainment[]


  • Jungle Cruise (1955-2020; 2021-)
  • Tarzan's Treehouse (1999-)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (1995-)
  • Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room (1963-)


  • Big Game Safari Shooting Gallery (1962-1982)
  • Magnolia Park (1955-1962)
  • Swiss Family Treehouse (1962-1999)



  • Aladdin's Oasis Dinner Show (1993-1996)



  • Bengal Barbecue
  • Tiki Juice Bar
  • Tropical Imports
  • The Tropical Hideaway


  • Tahitian Terrace (1962-1993)
  • Aladdin's Oasis (1993-2017)
  • Indy Fruit Cart (1995-2006)
  • Sunkist I Presume (1962-1992)



  • Adventureland Bazaar
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
  • South Seas Traders


  • Safari Outpost (1986-1995)



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